Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Abbotsford Provide a Nice Solution to Missing Teeth 

It used to be that if you were missing teeth and wanted to replace them, you didn't have a lot of options. Often your only choice was, frequently, ill-fitting dentures. Thankfully, dentistry has come a long way. Dental implants can now provide a nice solution to missing teeth as well as other issues. 

Dental implants include artificial roots, usually titanium, and ceramic teeth that are placed surgically to replace the missing teeth. They are strong and durable, and the teeth that are attached to them look very natural.

Dental implants may be right for you if you have:

Dental Implants in Abbotsford

It will take a number of visits before the implant process is completed. During your first visit, digital x-rays and molds will be taken of your jaw and teeth in order to determine the amount of bone, gum tissue, and space available for the implant. Then, while under anesthesia, the implant will be surgically placed into the jaw bone. The integration of the implant will be allowed for up to six months.

The artificial teeth are then fitted and attached to the implant, which provides stability as well as comfort.

When your treatment is complete, we will give you care instructions as well as advice on oral hygiene and eating habits that will help you maintain the quality of your new implant.

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